Carmelita Collection is a celebration of life and design.  Design is a way of making the everyday extra-ordinary. The Carmelita collection is a step into the extra-ordinary and out of the mundane.

Our deepest desire is to awaken the inner beauty of Women and bring her to a higher level of style and spiritual truth. A celebration of femininity and expression, where art is approachable and wearable.

We take inspiration from art, culture and nature to capture beauty and translate it into wearable fashion. Carmelita’s focus is on creating heirlooms and statement pieces that can be carried from season to season. Trends come and go, but quality and design will stand the test of time. We love to dress a woman of identity and expression that has a sense of play. We are all children in a grown-up world. Let’s have fun!


“Like a lioness, I see the nature of women as both powerful and delicate. I believe each woman has a divine mix of this nature and I hope the clothing helps her walk in a new form of fashion fierceness.” ~Carmelita


Carmelita has provided clothing for celebrity clients Molly Sims, Kourtney Kardashian, Katerina Graham, Katt Sadler, Paula Abdul & many more. We have also been featured in many of the major TV shows, Millionaire Matchmaker, Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor & Law and Order.  We can help you express, You.

carmelitaCarmelita with her oldest son Giulio.